1. Don't You Dare

with Heather Pierson @ Baked Bean Productions, Harrison, Maine
mixed and mastered by Alan Bean


Don’t shut me out, Don’t keep me at bay
Don’t leave me here To fall apart all over the place.
Don’t rock yourself to sleep like you were doing before
Don’t sing a lonely song or live an endless chore
Don’t be sorry, don’t be sore. Don’t call out to me and then slam the door.
Don’t leave me now when I just found this way
Don’t drop this beautiful thing we make
To see it shatter and wither and break
As if we have nothing at stake
As if you were doing this for my sake.
No, no – you know it’s true. You make it like you knew.
Like a hundred moons could come and go
Sun, rain, wind and snow.
As if it could make it go - No. No. No.
You can’t end this and think I’ll stand by To let you think it was a failed try.
I close my eyes and see you smile.
Don’t you dare, don’t you say goodbye.